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About Us

About Us

"Freedom on all Levels" - assisting our clients, staff and suppliers to achieve all of their goals whilst remaining ethical and aware of the larger world that we are apart of.


Melon Media was founded in 2000 with the aim of creating an innovative, agile and interesting company that adds genuine value to long term customers.

We started out as a full outsourced email marketing agency, and have evolved over the years into a specialist email marketing company and digital agency.

At our core is a love of new media and how that can solve real life business problems.

Part digital agency, part technology company we understand both the creative and technical aspects of new media projects.

We also understand how to make both ends meet - the creative front end and the technical backend.

We take a collaborative approach to business.

We believe that our clients, suppliers and competitors success results in success for us too.

Our company values include-

Respect and honesty:

We remain upfront about costs, time lines and our capabilities. We explain things clearly without compromising on addressing our clients' specific requirements.

Develop mutually sustainable long-term relationships with our clients:

Our very first customer was Finance Mark back in 2000. We still do work for them today. The majority of our customers have been with us for several years and our churn rate is rock bottom. We enjoy being a part of our customers' long term successes.

Helping our staff achieve their goals:

The success of our business has been as a result of the hard work of the outstanding people that we employ. We aim to provide more than a job. We like to provide an opportunity for staff to fulfill their very broad career aims. We treat each of them like the individuals that they are and never take their contribution for granted. Each hire is a result of a long recruitment process. We hire "slow but right".

Understanding that Melon Media is a part of a bigger world:

Try to reduce our impact on the environment including paper recycling, giving away old computer equipment for reuse, providing filtered water to avoid the purchase of bottled water.
Donate regularly to a wide variety of causes including the Human Society International, Greenpeace, Exodus Foundation, School of St Jude (Tanzania), Sea Shepherd , Sydney Childrens' Hospital and Careflight.

A love of technology:

Our industry moves fast and we like it that way. We understand that technology is not usually our clients' core competency. We make it our business to follow developments and trends and offer updated solutions to our clients where appropriate.