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Have You Experienced Sendphobia?

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – November 29, 2007

If you are an email marketer who has sent out a campaign to a sizable database, then you are a likely candidate who has suffered what I like to call 'Sendphobia'.

Sendphobia is that feeling that you get just before you hit the send button on a large (or sometimes small!) campaign. That deep feeling of fear and anxiety. The little flutter in your belly that makes you squirm in your seat. The beads of sweat that form on your brow.

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How do I Increase my Open Rates?

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – November 15, 2007

An open rate is a measurement that describes how many people have opened your email. Usually this is a percentage measured against how many emails you sent out. It is difficult to pinpoint what is an acceptable open rate because every database and industry is different. But a round figure for an email marketing campaign to aim for would be 25%-35% open rate.