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Reflections on Silicon Valley and TechCrunch50 2008

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – December 18, 2008

Australian Anthill Magazine -

I was honored to be invited by my favourite Australian entrepreneur magazine Australian Anthill to write an article about my reflections on Silicon Valley.

Whilst I was taken aback by the remarkable entrepreneur ecosystem in San Francisco and Silicon Valley I did wonder a little if the fundamentals of business were not being treated with the respect they deserve.

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Project Palantir - Facebook visualisation shows users communicating with each other around the world

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – November 28, 2008


It's easy to forget how much the internet has revolutionised global communication in the past decade - until you see it with your own eyes. Credit: news.com.au

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The Battle of The Email Bulge - 4 Inbox Overload Killers

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – November 28, 2008

The Battle of the (Email) Bulge - 4 Inbox Overload Killers Recently a friend boldly declared “I LOVE receiving SPAM emails!”.

Realising that she was serious I was curious as to why she would make this declaration.

She went on to explain that as the manager of a community organisation with about 100 volunteers, hundreds of members, and a large distinguished board of directors she receives literally hundreds of emails every day, each email often requiring a response.

She elaborated that when working through her inbox when she comes across a SPAM email - it means that there is one less email for her to action - a small win in the battle against email fatigue.

I went on to explain to her how at Melon Media we have reduced the amount of email sent and received internally in our organisation by between 60%-80% over the last few months.

But more on that later...

Email remains the locus of the online experience - it is usually the first thing we check when we get online and the last thing we action when we go offline.

Email is highly effective for newsletters, one-to-one, one-to-many and the occasional many-to-many communications.

Emails can easily be filed, filtered, indexed and it is relatively easy to scan read a large volume of emails.

Due to these advantages we can process far more emails during a work day then we can physical letters, phone calls, or face to face discussions.

So whilst email remains a powerful business tool (having founded and manage a specialist email marketing agency - I remain a fan of emails!) the efficacy of email begins to break down under certain situations.

These situations include when...
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Interview with Paul Ryan - Editor of Australian Anthill Magazine - Email Newsletter Experiences

Fiona King (Graphic Designer) – November 27, 2008

Australian Anthill Magazine

Kevin Garber - General Manager of Melon Media and Founder of spellr.us speaks with Paul Ryan, the editor of Australian Anthill Magazine - a leading Australian magazine for entrepreneurs.

Summary of discussion points with time markers - you can drag the audio pointer to the desired time.

Total time 28 minutes.

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A case for audio and video in online content

Fiona King (Graphic Designer) – November 26, 2008

Memory - we retain far less than you'd think
I recently went to a talk where different learning styles were discussed and the studies done by Hermann Ebbinghaus really struck a cord with me.

Apparently we only retain in our memory;

- 10% of what we read - 20% of what we hear - 30% of what we see - 50% of what we see & hear