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Do you love your lawyer?

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – February 29, 2008

Melon Mediaby Kevin Garber, General Manager 
In her article "Subscribers Speak: Email Connections are Still Welcome, but Increasingly Fragile"
Stephanie Miller from Return Path makes a good point about lawyers: that we all tend to love our own lawyer, but don't think much of lawyers in general.

She goes on to state that recent research indicates that email marketing is evolving into a similar "love hate" scenario -

"When email connects, it really connects. Yet, still so much email marketing is tired, old batch-and-blast."

Melon Stork Media Release

Butterfly Helpdesk (Helpdesk) – February 14, 2008

Sydney's Melon Launches Free Tool to Assist Legitimate Email Marketers Avoid "Junk Mail" Filters.

Sydney based specialist email marketing company Melon Media has released a free web-based tool to assist legitimate marketers in getting their email messages through to their recipients.

Called "Melon Stork" - the tool analyses the email and based on an ever evolving algorithm determines the likelihood of the email getting caught in a junk mail filter in error.

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Beautiful on the Inside - HTML code and your emails

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – February 8, 2008

It's not difficult to create great looking emails <start shamless plug> especially if you choose Melon Media to create them for you </end shamless plug> but how do your emails look 'on the inside'?

The code that makes up your HTML email is an important, yet often neglected, aspect of email creation. It dictates to the Outlooks, Hotmails, Gmails and MacMails of this world how the email should be displayed, and though the concept may be difficult to appreciate, these browsers 'see' the code and then render it as it sees fit. So where you see the colour red, the browser sees #FF0000.
Therefore if your code is not clean, or has parts missing, or is extraneous, or uses deprecated tags - then there is every likliehood that this messy code will translate into a messy email.

If you want your clients to see a clean, well designed email when they receive it - read on.