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Don't forget about your offline email list building initiatives

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – March 30, 2008

Offline initiatives to build your email databaseI went to a 3 day festival over the Easter break.

When I left the festival at the exit gate there was a volunteer wishing everyone farewell as they left.

He also had a clipboard and a pen and asked each and every person to fill in their details if should they want to be kept in the loop about the festival via email newsletters.

It reminded me that although it is crucial to have opt in boxes and other online forms in place offline initiatives are just as important.

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Aussies now use the internet more than TV

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – March 19, 2008

This week Nielsen Online released the "Nielsen Online's 10th Australian Internet and Technology Report" (100KB pdf).

One of the important metrics that came out of the study is that for the first time Australians are using the internet more than they are watching TV.

The study found that Australians were spending around 13.7 hours per week surfing the 'net, while average television viewing was around 13.3 hours per week.

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Interview With Tamerlaine Beasley

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – March 19, 2008

Interview with Tamerlaine Beasley from Beasley Intercultural.

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What rhymes wih Rex - powerful subject lines

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – March 19, 2008

What rhymes with REX...
This was the subject line in a newsletter that I received from Tricom Equities Stockbroking about a year ago.
The email contained research regarding the Regional Express Airlines that is listed on the ASX with code REX.
The subject line was so good that I haven't forgotten about the email over a year later!
Such can be the power of an effective subject line...
What rhymes with REX ...In a recent survey (same as previous link) 59% of recipients said that they determine the value of each email by the subject line.

So what makes a good subject line?

Powerful subject lines should generally be short and tap into peoples' curious nature - they should generate a thought in the recipient along the lines of "I wonder what that is all about, tell me more".

Subject lines need to pack a proverbial punch as well as generate intrigue or have a "twist".

With a little intent the most ordinary of subject lines can be repackaged into a powerful subject line.

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Interview with Mark Zuckerberg - founder of Facebook

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – March 12, 2008

Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed at the recent South by Southwest Interactive Festival.

The interviewer is annoying in her flirtatious style but it is an interesting insight into Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg was recently named the youngest self made billionaire ever by Forbes magazine - a very impressive financial achievement.

What struck me during the interview was how Facebook are still not quite sure how they are going to generate income. He tries to put a new spin on the advertising angle but it doesn't sound all that different from keywords (contextual ads).