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Email Design VS. Email Content

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – April 28, 2008

Design VS Content Laaaaadies and Gentlemen!

In the Red corner we have ever-so-pretty, pixel perfect, queen of presentation and impact... "IMAGE!"

And in the Blue corner we have the informative, the educational, the dynamic king of infinite use... "CONTENT!"

Design versus Content.

Which one would you back in a showdown? Read on to find out which is the most important aspect of e-marketing...

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spellr.us Goes Global with Techcrunch

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – April 23, 2008

The very famous blog techchrunch ran a story on us last night, very exciting, needless to say our registrations for spellr.us have gone crazy!


Techcrunch are THE blog in Silicon Valley.

Here is hoping to good things with spellr.us.

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Success with Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns - Tony Melvin Interview - Knowledgecentre.com.au

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – April 21, 2008

Interview with Tony Melvin from The Knowledge Centre

Tony discusses the success of his targeted email campaigns - including a campaign with an open rate of 90% open rates!

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The Death of Email Marketing

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – April 21, 2008

The Death Of Email Marketing The Death of Email Marketing... ...is a long way off.   The cynic in you may say "of course you have to say that, you are an email marketing company!"   Well yes, email marketing is our specialty and it is what many of our clients pay us to assist them with.   But most of our clients have been with us for years and even though we are a team of great people - I know that altruism only goes so far.   If our clients don't enjoy positive results from their campaigns they would move quickly budget elsewhere.   Why all this talk of death and email marketing?   The results of a survey that was released last week got me thinking as to how email marketing is here to stay BUT at the same time requires more intent than ever achieve ongoing positive results.   The survey received responses from 2512 American adults age 18 and over who check and/or send email at least once a week.

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Email Goes wrong - Case Study and Prevention

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – April 17, 2008

Email Goes WrongEvery so often there it is - an article in a mainstream newspaper describing how someone has created havoc by using CC instead of BCC.

Email is a powerful tool - and like all powerful tools - it can be used for good or evil - furthermore when things go wrong they can go spectacularly wrong.

[Cartoon image is from the Financial Review 17 April 2008]

The Financial Review Wednesday 16 April 2008 has a story about Kevin Rudd's 2020 Summit and how the secretariat sent an email cc'ing recipients instead of bcc'ing them.

[ As an aside we are very impressed that Tamerlaine Beasley the principal of one of our clients Beasley Intercultural has been selected to participate in the Summit.

Tamerlaine will be involved with the 'Australia's Future in the World' stream. Tamerlaine will canvass opinions regarding Australia and its future in the region and the world.

We interviewed Tamerlaine for one of our previous newsletters.]