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Forbes.com's Four Email Marketing Blunders ... in One Campaign

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – January 5, 2009

Forbes.com email marketing blundersHTML emails are a notoriously inconsistent technology and without proper quality control can be prone to errors. Every html email campaign is made up of several intricate elements where even a one character mistake can result in a significant error such as a broken link.

An email arrived in our inbox on Thursday 11 December 2008 which provided us with a good case study as to how easy it is to make a multitude of errors in an email campaign - even if you are a very large established company like Forbes Publishing.

Forbes distributed an email campaign that advertised a competition whereby entrants could win a skiing holiday and a diamond pendant. This was a decent prize considering there was no purchase necessary to enter and all one had to do was register to be entered into the draw - a simple process in theory.

The email however contained several errors that made it difficult to work out what the campaign was about and how to get to the destination competition entry page.