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Twitter, Tools And Parties.

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – January 28, 2010

Twitter. You've heard of it. You know, vaguely, what it's about. You've grown tired of having people recommend you join the Tweeps and Tweet your Twavels.
You may even have created an account, sent out a few bursts of 140 character wit - and then wondered, "What's the point?"
If so, you make up about 44% (source: Burson-Marsteller) of the accounts on the social network microblog cosmos.
The question is, do you really know what Twitter is used for?
Don't feel ignorant if you haven't worked that out yet. The majority of new users expect Twitter to DO something straight out of the box. This expectation comes from experiences with Facebook, Friendster and other social networking sites that have an apparent purpose.
It is fair then to understand many peoples confusion when trying to comprehend why Twitter is useful and why so many journalists, celebrities, marketers, bands, stay-at-home mums, big corporations and small trades-people have joined the flock.
Isn't it just a status update? Well, yes. And no. To understand let's first look at Facebook. When you first sign up to Facebook, it directs you to connect with people you actually know. This is instantly familiar, even to users with no online experience other than internet banking and the occasional group email.
"Oh, Joe and Flo are on Facebook, it's recommending I be friends with them."
You have made a familiar connection that you know will be valuable to you - all as part of the introductory sign-up process. You are guided in how to use the site. It's easy. It has a very direct purpose - connect with friends, share photos.
Twitter has no apparent purpose other than to post 140 character snippets of (useful or useless) information.
That's because (and this is the epiphany) Twitter isn't a site - Twitter is a tool.
A tool is designed to be good at one thing, applied to many different situations...

Email and social media: joining the dots

Kerry the plucky intern – January 25, 2010


You've no doubt already dabbled with social media. But have your efforts been well integrated into existing marketing strategies?

One simple way to achieve this is to include "tweet this" or other social media links in your emails and articles. The skeptic will wonder if this has any real advantage over the "send to a friend" option that we're all familiar with. Here's some food for thought: