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Pinterest & The Post Facebook/Twitter Social Media Platform

We all know about Twitter and Facebook - the juggernauts of the social media world. For many of us these platforms have become an omnipresent extension of our physical life, physical self and physical community.

Whilst the growth of Twitter and Facebook use has been remarkably fast there has been the rise of new social media platforms that are growing even faster than Twitter and Facebook historically have!

Yes! Growth faster than Twitter and Facebook!

How is this hypergrowth possible?

The new social media platforms like Instagram(recently sold to Facebook for $1 billion after only being around for 2 years) and Pinterest - have one significant advantage that Twitter and Facebook did not have.

The new social media platforms like Pinterest can leverage Twitter and Facebook for their own growth – thus the hypergrowth.

Pinterest came out of nowhere and now has nearly 20 million users a month in less than two years.

Pinterest via Hitwise US
  via @Hitwise_US

Pinterest apparently reached 10 million users faster than any other site in history.

What is even more remarkable is that Pinterest remains an "invite only" system whereby you have to be invited by an existing user to join the service. If you want an invite for Pinterest email us at [email protected]n.com.au and we can send you one.

Pinterest is remarkably simple. It is a social pin boarding and social bookmarking service based mainly around photos but including videos too.

David Pogue in a New York times article summed Pinterest up as: "The ability to round things up into tidy collections is powerful and visual. It's like virtual scrapbooking, or maybe like tearing interesting articles out of the paper. Often, the pinboards people create are inspirational: Awesome Vacation Spots, Cool Hairstyles, Yummy-Looking Recipes."

Pinterest UI

Many brands are already getting great returns from their Pinterest accounts.

And of course you can integrate your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Some good starting points to find out more about Pinterest are:

  1. How to use Pinterest for Business - 14 minute YouTube video - a useful video introduction to Pinterest.
  2. 9 Tips: Boost Your Business With Pinterest
  3. A Scrapbook on the Web Catches Fire - New York Times Article

And remember if you need an invite email us at [email protected] and we can send you one.
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