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How We Got It (very) Wrong

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – December 24, 2011

Usually when we distribute our (irregular) regular Melon Media email newsletter life continues as normal and the world keeps spinning.
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You've Been Blacklisted! The Importance Of Keeping Your Data Clean.

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – July 14, 2011

For the average marketer, creating and sending bulk email campaigns is seen more as a chore than an exciting adventure through the world of communication.
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Did You Know? How To Re-Size Images

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – July 14, 2011


When it comes to creating content for the web or emails, an image can really help to illustrate a point or provide context for an article.

Because they are such common elements, many people think it is a simple process to use images in your email broadcasts:

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Google creates their best logo yet - with no Flash in sight

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – May 11, 2011

I was completely blown away by Google's logo today, so much so that it was difficult to believe it was done without use of Adobe's Flash animation tool.

But no, no Flash insight. The Martha Graham animation was done using some very advanced techniques - coupled with some very old techniques.

Because it will only be up for a day, here is a link to a video capture of the logo: http://www.popherald.com/martha-graham-google-doodle/6981

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Facebook: Profiles vs Pages

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – March 10, 2011

As a digital marketer it is very easy to become convinced that when software gets updated (as it invariably does), the latest iteration automatically supersedes all previous knowledge and installments and must be used immediately. Newer is better, right?

This perception of mine was challenged yesterday when I received a 'Friend' request through Facebook for a business profile.