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Kevin Garber - Internet Trends and Opportunities (audio)

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – March 8, 2011


Kevin's talk from the recent Melon breakfast event.

Audio begins at 1.10 minutes in.

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Email Testing

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – March 1, 2011


Learn how to test your emails, buy credits and download the results.


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Conditional Content

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – March 1, 2011


Conditional Content is here, watch this tutorial to learn how to use it for your emails.


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Global Spam Email Levels Suddenly Fall

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – January 9, 2011

Between August 2010 and the first week of 2011, the total amount of spam email being sent around the world fell sharply. Not just fell, but plummeted.

On average there are around 200 BILLION spam emails sent each day. In December there was just 50 billion. Great news, but will it last?

Below article originally published at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-12126880 --- GLOBAL SPAM EMAIL LEVELS SUDDENLY FALL


The amount of junk e-mail being sent across the globe has seen a dramatic fall in recent months.

The volume of spam has dropped steadily since August, but the Christmas period saw a precipitous decline.

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Case Study: Gloria Jean's Facebook Application

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – December 22, 2010

Client: Gloria Jean's Coffee International

imageAim: To promote Gloria Jean's Coffee, drive traffic and fans to the Gloria Jean's Facebook page and promote engagement by getting people to create a virtual Christmas card, integrated with Facebook, offer the user a free "buy one get one free" drink voucher for a Gloria Jean's coffee.

Timeframe: 6 weeks

Software used: FBML, Flash, Javascript, PHP

Challenges: • Lack of documentation on Facebook Markup Language (FBML) • Developing on Facebook platform • Profile authorization/authentication • Unique coupon generation, different coupons based on geological location • Optimising graphics while keeping file size down


Gloria Jean's Coffee approached Melon Media to help with their 2010 Christmas Card campaign. The aim was to create an interactive Christmas card builder which also integrated with Facebook, giving the ability to send cards to your Facebook friends. This online promotion ran in tandem with in-store and product branding.