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If B2B marketing emails could talk

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – June 19, 2009

A skit on classic mistakes made by B2B email newsletters: failure to deliver value, use of no-reply addresses, poor targeting, failed personalisation, etc... Enjoy.

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Spam ACT and you - 5 things to increase your deliverability

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – May 25, 2009

The best way to check if your message is going to be caught by a junk mail filter is to test, test, test.

There are many different types of email browsers and ISP settings behind them. If you have access to an email browser checker like litmus then use that, otherwise set up a 'test database' of email addresses going to Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Thunderbird.

Both Hotmail and Gmail have very good spam checkers and a problem with either of these should indicate a problem across the board with your message.

If the email gets caught by your ISP there are a few things you can try...

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Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – May 22, 2009

Anyone could be forgiven for thinking that the world that we know it is coming to an end... but not for the reasons apparent.

Yes, the economy is geting worse, planes are dropping out of the sky, mother nature is sending whatever she can throw at us and human nature is leaving a lot to be desired.

But my anticipation (or trepidation) stems from a change coming on the technological side of things, a change that will affect how we function as a society, a change that has been building for some time.

This change is 'ubiquity'. It is everywhere. It is the turning point from where we view technology as a tool and instead view it as an integrated, invisible part of our lives. It's where we wonder how we ever survived without it in the first place.

Ubiquity is - in essence - being everywhere at once. A balanced harmonious correlation of many different aspects.

The first of which is communication.

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Apple to buy Twitter?

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – May 6, 2009

I read an interesting intro this morning from ITWire:

"Twitter is the hottest Internet social networking property right now. Apple has a ton of spare cash. So are the rumours true, can Apple really be about to buy Twitter for US $700 million?"

I barely got past the heading. This is ridiculous, right? What would Apple have to gain from purchasing Twitter? They just don't fit together.

Somehow I didn't think there was any credence to this rumour... but then I started to think about what exactly Apple could do with the 140 character social phenomenon.

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Australian Anthill Article - Innovation During Perspiration

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – April 20, 2009

Australian Anthill

My most recent article in Australian Anthill Magazine has been published.

You can read the article direct on the Anthill website or view the PDF from the printed version.