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Pixels VS Vectors

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – February 13, 2009


Pixels VS. Vectors
If you've ever had to try to explain the difference between pixels and vectors or if you've never been able to understand the difference yourself, this edition of MacMerc.TV is for you.


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NOT hating the hired {DIGITAL} help - 8 questions you should ask

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – February 13, 2009

NOT hating the hired helpMelon Media started out as a specialist email marketing agency but has evolved into full service digital agency.

As we assist an increasing number of organisations with their websites and general online marketing one consistent surprising theme has emerged: the ongoing poor experience clients have with their suppliers assisting them with their websites.

“My freelancer disappeared to India for 3 months and we have no way of contacting him - can you assist with these urgent updates?”

“We have been unhappy with the service our web development company has provided to us, but they want to charge us an exorbitant amount of money to provide our data to us in a form that we can use in another content management system.”

“My web development company are smart people but getting them to do anything the way that I want it is such a struggle.”

The above are a sample of real life comments from clients that have asked us for assistance after struggling with other suppliers.
I thought it would be useful to put together some questions that you should ask your prospective web development/web design company/freelancer.

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Optus Cops $110 000 Fine for SPAM

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – February 5, 2009

Optus cops a fineIn January 2009 Optus - one of Australia's largest telecommunication companies - was fined $110,000 for sending 20,000 electronic messages to its customers in contravention of the Spam Act 2003. This fine is the second biggest penalty imposed for a single breach of Australia's anti-spam laws.

OptusZoo Entertainment Services sent SMS messages to its customer’s mobile phones and used the sender identification “966”. Optus assumed recipients would make the connection between “966” on a mobile phone keypad, and the word "ZOO" which can also be spelt out using the three numbers. However the Australian Communications and Media Authority disagreed and the fine was imposed.
Marketing is obviously a key factor to creating a brand and increasing customer awareness of a business or product. However it is important that business don’t break any laws when using the details of their customers or potential customers to market their business or product. Customer details such as name, address and contact details should be handled carefully to avoid prosecution under the Spam Act 2003.

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Forbes.com's Four Email Marketing Blunders ... in One Campaign

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – January 5, 2009

Forbes.com email marketing blundersHTML emails are a notoriously inconsistent technology and without proper quality control can be prone to errors. Every html email campaign is made up of several intricate elements where even a one character mistake can result in a significant error such as a broken link.

An email arrived in our inbox on Thursday 11 December 2008 which provided us with a good case study as to how easy it is to make a multitude of errors in an email campaign - even if you are a very large established company like Forbes Publishing.

Forbes distributed an email campaign that advertised a competition whereby entrants could win a skiing holiday and a diamond pendant. This was a decent prize considering there was no purchase necessary to enter and all one had to do was register to be entered into the draw - a simple process in theory.

The email however contained several errors that made it difficult to work out what the campaign was about and how to get to the destination competition entry page.

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Reflections on Silicon Valley and TechCrunch50 2008

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – December 18, 2008

Australian Anthill Magazine -

I was honored to be invited by my favourite Australian entrepreneur magazine Australian Anthill to write an article about my reflections on Silicon Valley.

Whilst I was taken aback by the remarkable entrepreneur ecosystem in San Francisco and Silicon Valley I did wonder a little if the fundamentals of business were not being treated with the respect they deserve.