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Project Palantir - Facebook visualisation shows users communicating with each other around the world

Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – November 28, 2008


It's easy to forget how much the internet has revolutionised global communication in the past decade - until you see it with your own eyes. Credit: news.com.au

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The Battle of The Email Bulge - 4 Inbox Overload Killers

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – November 28, 2008

The Battle of the (Email) Bulge - 4 Inbox Overload Killers Recently a friend boldly declared “I LOVE receiving SPAM emails!”.

Realising that she was serious I was curious as to why she would make this declaration.

She went on to explain that as the manager of a community organisation with about 100 volunteers, hundreds of members, and a large distinguished board of directors she receives literally hundreds of emails every day, each email often requiring a response.

She elaborated that when working through her inbox when she comes across a SPAM email - it means that there is one less email for her to action - a small win in the battle against email fatigue.

I went on to explain to her how at Melon Media we have reduced the amount of email sent and received internally in our organisation by between 60%-80% over the last few months.

But more on that later...

Email remains the locus of the online experience - it is usually the first thing we check when we get online and the last thing we action when we go offline.

Email is highly effective for newsletters, one-to-one, one-to-many and the occasional many-to-many communications.

Emails can easily be filed, filtered, indexed and it is relatively easy to scan read a large volume of emails.

Due to these advantages we can process far more emails during a work day then we can physical letters, phone calls, or face to face discussions.

So whilst email remains a powerful business tool (having founded and manage a specialist email marketing agency - I remain a fan of emails!) the efficacy of email begins to break down under certain situations.

These situations include when...
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Interview with Paul Ryan - Editor of Australian Anthill Magazine - Email Newsletter Experiences

Fiona King (Graphic Designer) – November 27, 2008

Australian Anthill Magazine

Kevin Garber - General Manager of Melon Media and Founder of spellr.us speaks with Paul Ryan, the editor of Australian Anthill Magazine - a leading Australian magazine for entrepreneurs.

Summary of discussion points with time markers - you can drag the audio pointer to the desired time.

Total time 28 minutes.

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A case for audio and video in online content

Fiona King (Graphic Designer) – November 26, 2008

Memory - we retain far less than you'd think
I recently went to a talk where different learning styles were discussed and the studies done by Hermann Ebbinghaus really struck a cord with me.

Apparently we only retain in our memory;

- 10% of what we read - 20% of what we hear - 30% of what we see - 50% of what we see & hear

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Say HELLO properly and have less GOODBYES

Kevin Garber (General Manager) – October 30, 2008

On our blog and in our newsletter articles we often explore issues relating to email newsletter content, subject lines, email's role in the broader marketing mix and so on.

In this article I want to discuss several often ignored but powerful elements of the email newsletter process.
1.      The welcome sign-up email
2.      The sign-up thank you page