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Email Marketing

Since 2000 Melon Media have been providing many leading Australian organisations with effective email marketing and email broadcast solutions.

We offer a high quality hosted solution that is corporate grade, exceptionally user friendly and extremely feature rich.

We also offer a range of full outsourced campaign and agency services.


Self service solutions


Advantages  AdvantagesDisadvantages  Disadvantages
1. Cost effective.1. Implementing consistent agency quality email creatives difficult without specialist html/design knowledge
2. Empowers staff to manage their own campaigns.2. Campaigns more prone to error when not knowing "what to look for" - quality control of email campaigns can be difficult without experience.
3. Ideal for frequent and straightforward campaigns.3. Requires internal resources to set-up, test & manage campaign.


Full outsourced solutions


Advantages  AdvantagesDisadvantages  Disadvantages
1. High quality campaigns utilising Melon Media’s specialist skills.1. Higher campaign charges
2. Error free.2. Lead time required
3. Requires minimal internal resources. 
4. No specialist training or skills required. 


Our clients often utilise both our self managed and our full outsourced email marketing solutions depending on the specific project type.