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melonMail Platform

The melonMail platform is a user friendly yet flexible Web-based email marketing system.


The system has an extensive feature set and has been designed for use both by corporate organisations and smaller companies.

The melonMail system has been optimised for maximum deliverability of emails and the system is constantly audited to ensure that any deliverability problems are identified and resolved immediately.

melonMail is hosted in an Australian specialist secure data centre and has been developed with security as priority.

Contact us for detailed information about system security. For security reasons we don't publicly discuss all of our security measures.

Feel free to register for an obligation free one month free trial account that will allow you to evaluate the system in detail.

See below for a summary of some of the system features.  For a complete feature list please contact us for an up to date version - our system is updated very frequently.


  • Create unlimited number of databases with unlimited database fields.
  • Databases and fields created automatically on spreadsheet upload.
  • Automatic removal of duplicates on upload.
  • Create database segment dynamically.
  • Search within each database.

Online Subscriber Forms:

  • Auto creation of web based forms  - surveys, RSVP forms, opt in forms.
  • Full customisation of form look and feel.
  • Generate form link or code for page insertion.
  • Email notification on completion of form.
  • Email sent to registrant.
  • Unlimited number of forms all inclusive in price.

Create / Edit Emails:

  • Multiple wizard style html email templates
  • WYSIWYG editor for custom emails
  • Option of external html import.
  • Automatic creation of text based version.
  • Email content SPAM filter analyser.
  • Configuration of email details: from field, reply to field, subject line.
  • Auto unsubscribe option.
  • Subscriber update details option.
  • Personalisation of database information into email content or subject lines.
  • Embedded email send-to-a-friend option.
  • Upload, manage and insert images into email – auto resizing for web
  • Creation of unlimited click-through pages

Send Email:

  • Schedule of email send.
  • Notification of email send complete.
  • Send email options including: entire database; segment; multiple segments; multiple databases; new recipients.
  • Campaign send progress indicator.
  • Campaign pause, resume and cancel options.

Real Time Statistics:

  • Reported number of emails opened (unique and total) – view details of opened recipients.
  • Reported number of bounced emails and relevant detailed bounced information.
  • Send to friend activity
  • Automatic tracking of click throughs in emails.
  • Reporting of unsubscribe numbers and automatic addition to do not email list.

Corporate account features:

  • Custom branded system url and custom urls within each email – removal of all reference to melonMail.
  • Access to premium photo library.
  • Custom templates.
  • Hierarchichal departmental accounts.
  • Monitoring of separate account usage.
  • Audit trail of all usage.
  • Access to melonMail API for integration between systems.

SPAM ACT Compliance:

  • Double opt-in confirmation upon subscribe.
  • Instant deactivation of unsubscribes
  • Global unsubscribe management
  • Do not upload previous unsubscribes (do not email list / suppression list).

System Security:

  • Physical security: corporate grade data centre with secure access only; 24 x 7 security monitoring.
  • Network security: highly restrictive incoming and outgoing firewalls; non standard port configuration to minimise tampering.
  • Operating system security: User access restricted and logged, minimal installation of modules.
  • Application security: session fixation, multiple level sanitisation of input.

Online Help / Support

  • Flash audio and video tutorials.
  • One on one training.
  • FAQs
  • Glossary
  • Post a question – instant response.
  • Online user guide.
  • Downloadable user guide.
  • View asked questions.
  • Telephone and email support with quick turnaround times on responses.