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Self Service Solutions

Melon Media provides high quality hosted self service email marketing and SMS broadcast solutions.

Below is an overview of the melonMail platform.

Our solutions empower marketing professionals to manage their email marketing and SMS campaigns all within one hosted application.

Our hosted solutions provide you with access to a high quality online email marketing system without increasing any demand on your own internal IT infrastructure. You use our secure servers and our bandwidth.

The planning, creative design, dispatch, reporting, tracking and feedback of an emarketing campaign can be easily self-managed on the melonMail emarketing platform.

Furthermore our hosted systems are optimised and monitored to ensure maximum delivery of your emails. For a variety of reasons poorly monitored and configured email systems may mean that your email broadcasts may not reach their destination.

Using our infrastructure will ensure that your emails have the best chance of reaching the intended recipients.

Telephone or in person training is provided to all new customers.

Custom html templates can be created to allow for integration of regular email communications with corporate branding.

Our system is very user friendly and is
backed up by a responsive customer support team. 

Emergency support is available via a dedicated account manager 24x7.

Our first level support team has the equivalent knowledge of most second level consultants allowing you to have your issues resolved in the minimum amount of time.

Our self-service solutions are appropriate for both small and medium businesses (SMEs) as well as larger corporate organisations.

Find out more about our melonMail platform.