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Survey, RSVP and Web Form Solutions

Web based forms are a powerful and versatile organisational tool.

1. Online Surveys

Whether it is a simple 3 question client snapshot, or a complex multi-page survey with conditional questions, we can assist in the design, implementation and management of the survey and provide reporting of the results.

Our clients can either choose to design simple surveys themselves through our web-based survey builder, or we can assist in designing and implementing customised and more complex surveys.

Participants are invited to complete the survey through carefully designed email campaigns.

All elements of the survey are designed for maximum response.

Clients can view all results of the survey in real-time via our online system.

2. Online RSVP Solutions

Managing RSVPs for events manually can be error prone and messy.

We provide integrated online RSVP management solutions that assist with all aspects of the event:

  • Email invitation.
  • Online link from email to RSVP form with pre-populated participant information.
  • Email confirmation to participant with event details.
  • Payment page if required.
  • Internal notification of RSVP received.
  • Automatic reminder email and / or SMS to participant prior to event.
  • Automatic follow-up thank you email to participant.

3. General Web Form Solutions

Web forms can be used for everything from newsletter registration, or "contact us" forms. They are easy to set-up, configurable and effective.

We offer an easy to use web form solution that clients can manage themselves through our web form builder in melonMail.