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Dain Saxon (Digital Producer) – December 22, 2010

Client: Gloria Jean's Coffee International

imageAim: To promote Gloria Jean's Coffee, drive traffic and fans to the Gloria Jean's Facebook page and promote engagement by getting people to create a virtual Christmas card, integrated with Facebook, offer the user a free "buy one get one free" drink voucher for a Gloria Jean's coffee.

Timeframe: 6 weeks

Software used: FBML, Flash, Javascript, PHP

Challenges: • Lack of documentation on Facebook Markup Language (FBML) • Developing on Facebook platform • Profile authorization/authentication • Unique coupon generation, different coupons based on geological location • Optimising graphics while keeping file size down


Gloria Jean's Coffee approached Melon Media to help with their 2010 Christmas Card campaign. The aim was to create an interactive Christmas card builder which also integrated with Facebook, giving the ability to send cards to your Facebook friends. This online promotion ran in tandem with in-store and product branding.

Melon Helpdesk (Melon Helpdesk) – April 4, 2008

SEO Myth - Don't use Javascript

This entry is the first of what will be an ongoing series I will write aimed at clearing up a lot of the confusion and "voodoo" behind Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

There is a lot of misinformation behind SEO techniques with some people thinking that SEO specialists have exclusive access to insider knowledge.

A lot of illogical or unfeasible "myths" for search engine optimisation have sprung up and have become false common knowledge.

The main issue with these myths are that you can land up paying for services based on misinformation and deny the use of useful technologies on your websites.