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Web Development, Design and Strategy


Websites are a flexible, agile and powerful business tool. Websites can assist with several organisation outcomes including marketing, communications, finance, document management, collaboration and application hosting.

Project management:Web technologies evolve at a rapid pace and even for web professionals it remains a challenge to remain current.

We make it our job to understand the potentials of all aspects of web technologies and keep track of their evolution.

We then apply this knowledge to our understanding of our clients’ business and work with them to develop an online strategy that solves their particular problem and helps their organisation achieve their predetermined aims.

We offer strategic advice to our clients both on a formal consultative basis as well as informally within every project.

Project management:

Successful web projects require the synergy of specialist designers, developers and other project specific specialists such as search marketing professionals.

Each web project is allocated a project manager who is literate in all relevant technologies and ensures successful coordination of the web project team.

The project manager also ensures that it is straightforward for the client to communicate any new information to Melon Media and to receive progress updates regarding the project.

In a short period of time the project manager becomes very well versed with the clients’ business and constantly looks at ways at matching the clients’ requirements with the most effective web solutions.

Project managers at Melon Media are chosen for their communication skills, their extensive experience dealing with people and technology, and their ability to constantly stay up to date with all developments in the web industry.