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Industry: Law
Solutions: Web Design, Web Development, Database development
Source: http://www.makdap.com.au

Makinson d’Apice Lawyers contacted Melon Media looking for an experienced web development agency to overhaul their existing website. The Melon team collaborated closely with Makinson D’Apice during the design process to deliver a captivating website that communicated the companies unique “Line Story” and philosophy. Following the launch of the website, Melon Media continued to work with Makinson D’Apice to design and develop a custom built client room.

Client Testimonial: Our firm needed to completely revamp its website and we chose Melon Media for the job. We were not disappointed. The final product was fantastic and great value for money and Melon Media were a pleasure to deal with throughout the project.

Asitha Udumalagala

IT Manager

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